Road Safety in Action

Road Safety in Action

Just Another Saturday Night

Just Another Saturday Night is a DVD that profiles a local crash.  This features 4 young men who set out on an ordinary night socialising, however around 9.00pm their lives changed forever after the vehicle they were in lost control and crashed.  The story demonstrates how quickly things can change.  Jared (a survivor of the crash) describes the events of the evening.  The resource forms a significant part in a number of our education opportunity and events, including: Hawkes Bay Youth Alcohol Expo, joint project between the Department of Corrections and New Zealand Police.

Road Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

This is the key message that supports all the work undertaken by Road Safe Hawkes Bay and all other stakeholders involved in our work.  The tag line is very clear, we are responsible for the safety of ourselves, our passengers and all other road users.  The resource is used as part of our education and enforcement program with our partners from New Zealand Police, including: Introduction pack – Department of Corrections, Hawkes Bay Youth Alcohol Expo, social media campaigns and print material.

Te Whare Tapa Wha

Te Whare Tapa Wha forms the basis of our joint project with the Department of Corrections.  This is a holistic model that focuses on the person as a whole and the links to whanau, mental and emotional wellbeing, physical and spiritual health.  The inclusion of this model supports the ethos of the program, including: leadership, influence, behaviour change and role modelling etc    The resource is included in an introduction pack for attendees at the Road Safety Education Day. We have also produced role up banners that makes up a series of these that promote health and wellbeing, leadership, changing the future for whanau and friends along with breaking the cycle of drink driving.

Drink Driving Stops Before Here

 As above, this supports the model of change and well-being for participants of the Road Safety Education Day but also provides a platform for attendees to go home and discuss with family and friends.  It is also included in the introduction pack.


Fatigue is one of the high risk road safety issues that the road safety partners feature as part of the comprehensive road safety program delivered across Hawkes Bay.  It is used at the regional Fatigue Stop Checkpoints as handouts to the public and is used in all the road safety education events and activities.

When Will We Get the Message Text Off

Driver distraction (cell phone use in vehicles) is one of the contributing factors in a number of crashes in Hawkes Bay.  A number of initiatives have been designed to support the reduction in crashes involving distracted drivers and these include: Caught Being Safe – Drivers are rewarded for parking up to use their cell phone.  Text Off features in all the Road Safe Hawkes Bay activities and events, along with social media distribution

Having a Party? Register it!

The party register is a website that allows people who are having a party or gathering to register their event.  They then receive an information pack with helpful information around organising a social event.  The party register is promoted through a website, social media platforms, print material and newspaper articles.  The key messages support all other information around alcohol, sober driving, fatigue etc.


The mocktail resource supports host responsibility including: providing non-alcohol drinks in a creative way, providing food throughout the evening, organising a sober driver etc.  It is used at all Road Safe Hawkes Bay activities and events